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Community Contribution: HAROLD (x6 Pull Request Combo)

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I have a problem.

I’m addicted to Python. When I see a project that is written in Python, but not very Pythonic, I have an urge to try to clean it up.

Normally, I do it a bit at a time. Sometimes, I make a ton of pull requests over the course of a week, driving the maintainers insane.

One of the downsides to doing that with this project was that the maintainers live on the same floor as me.

HAROLD is a project set up at CSH that allows us to use our accounts to play a custom theme song (about 30 seconds long). Several of our freshmen this year decided to rewrite it, but it was very much “hackathon-code”. I saw the chance to hopefully teach them, so I started working with one of them to get the first pull request in. Unfortunately, this broke some things, so there have been some follow-up pull requests in an attempt to clean up a bit better.

Overall, the total number of pulls accepted is currently six, plus some comments, and an issue filed about missing licenses.