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Arena Robot League Update and Rename

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Recently I’ve been leaning heavily into development of the game Arena Robot League. After going through several rounds of playtest, it’s rapidly approaching the point where I’m getting ready to pitch it to publishers. However, I’ve run into an issue: the name.

The existing name, “Arena Robot League”, gave the wrong impression. It sounded like some sort of BattleBots style game, where the goal is to destroy the opposing robots. This is definitely not the vibe of the game, and doesn’t even hint to the team management aspects. Therefore I decided to rename it.

The game is now called Bot Builders, and I’ve set up a page for it on my site. At the moment it’ll just host a link to the assets page, but in the future I intend it to be a landing page for marketing.

I will also be entering Bot Builders into Protospiel Online for August 2022, but at this point it’s more settled than it was even four months ago.

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