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Set 7

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After a long hiatus, I have returned with a small side project.

When my friend We Heart Games announced that he was releasing a new deck of cards, and that he was looking for games using the system, I was intrigued. It seemed like a fun concept - three colors (black/red/white), three copies each of the numbers 1-6 in each of the three colors. A few nights ago I was trying to sleep but my brain wouldn’t stop working. Once I finally wrote down the ideas that had been haunting me, I was able to rest. One of those ideas was for a blackjack-style, push-your-luck game. The next day at work I realized a flaw that my sleep-deprived self hadn’t noticed, and all the pieces fell into place.

After getting the Print and Play printed at Staples, I was ready to test. I sat down with my boyfriend and played a round of the revised game. The test took about ten minutes, during which my boyfriend made a suggestion that I really liked and so we continued playing with for the rest of the game. Afterwards, we had a moment to reflect on the game and see how we felt. We agreed that it had a good amount of tension with deciding when to continue and when to stop, and it was super easy to learn, so we played another round!

After the second round we didn’t really have any comments or adjustments to make, so I submitted it via We Heart Games’ discord server. Mike, the man behind the publisher, gave it a try with his playtesting group, and got some solid reviews, and so it was added to the Dice Deck page as a new entry called Set 7. We spent a while deciding on a name. I wanted to go with something like “Lucky 7” or “Seven Sevens”, but it turns out that there were name conflicts there - in fact Seven7s is made by someone I know, so that ruled that name out! We eventually decided that “Set 7” is a good enough name for the game.

I’ve done a little testing of another game using this Dice Deck system, but I still feel like something’s missing from it.

Either way, as Mike told me I can now call myself a published board game designer! This is in addition to my totally-real budding voice actor career, starting with the voice of a shuttle pilot in the ExoShip trailer.