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Hack Upstate: Fall 2014

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As mentioned previously, I attend a few hackathons over the course of the year. One of my favorites is always Hack Upstate, an event run in Syracuse twice a year. The people there are always a lot of fun to be around, it’s a relaxed atmosphere in an interesting building, there’s plenty of food, and some interesting projects come out of it. I’ve been to every official Hack Upstate, and quite a few people recognized me from the previous events.

This time, I started work on hack 1, and made a surprising amount of progress. The current state of the project is here. This was one of the first hackathons I’ve done when I had a clear goal for a solo project and got it in a semi-completed state. I have a few things that I’m looking at adding, but the bulk of the project is done.

I was with a decent RIT crowd, including everline, which was a fantastic project by three FOSSBoxers that won the Evernote award. They recently put up a demo which is great, but needs a little bit of cleanup and error fixing.