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Linux Software Development: Nautical Proposal

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This post is slightly late, because my server had some unexpected downtime…

Name of project


Is the project an already existing project?


2-line abstract

Game Engine written in C++ with multiple scripting language support. Uses OpenGL for a graphics library.

Detailed description of the project – a couple of paragraphs

2D Cross Platform Game Engine With Support For Multiple Scripting Languages Role-playing game themed around open source culture and development

Why are you excited to work on this project?

I don’t normally do game-related development, and when I do I’m normally the lead developer - which is bad given that I have no game development experience, I’m mainly a organization/backend/architecture person.

What do you plan on building in the scope of the class? Depending on the scope,you may not be finishing the project during the course.

Creating the basic intro-level for a 2d top-down turn-based RPG.

Milestones for the semester (with descriptions)

Who are you working with? What will each member’s role be?

What license do you want to use?


What programming language(s) are you considering?


Why do you want to make this project?

There’s a definite lack of games that are FOSS-related - plenty of FOSS games, but none that are about open source development and culture