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Literature Review: What Is Open Source

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In our HFOSS course, we are reading segments from a collection of freely-available textbooks. One particular chapter that we’re reading is What Is Open Source, by Steve Weber.

The chapter in question gives a broad overview of what “open source” means. It spends a bit of time talking about Linux, but most of the chapter is devoted to talking about different aspects of an open-source community, such as communication, licensing and ownership. It also gives several examples of different real-world companies and groups and talks about their systems

Unfortunately, because this chapter was a high-level overview, as well as only one chapter of a full book, there is some information missing. It’s also slightly outdated, not through any fault of the chapter but simply due to age - it references websites like Sourceforge, when overall the open source culture seems to have moved entierly to other locations and toolchains.

Overall, it was a good introduction for someone unfamiliar with what open source culture was about, but could leave many individuals wanting more information. Overall, I would give it 6/8 Stallman Beards.