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D, or "C++ Done Right(er)"

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One of the languages that I spend a lot of time using is the D Programming Language. I’ve gotten quite a bit of (mostly) good-natured ribbing at my choice of language, but I normally just respond by showing people some of the more interesting features that I consider to be a huge improvement over C++, such as:

As a small example, last night another D programmer was asking about a way to do something similar to Python’s setdefault for dictionaries. After a short setup period, I produced the following code:

import std.stdio;

ref T setdefault(T, U)(ref T[U] aa, U key, lazy T defaultvalue)
    if(key !in aa) aa[key] = defaultvalue();
    return aa[key];

class A
    this(int i)
            writeln("A's constructor ", i);

void main()
    A[string] aa;
    aa.setdefault("t2", new A(3));
    aa.setdefault("t2", new A(4));

    auto b = aa.get("test", new A(2));

The key part is that my setdefault function could be used as if it were a member if the associative array - UFCS in action.

Some of my code examples and breakdowns will be in D, because it’s an interesting language that has some cool capabilities.