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RocPy 09/2014

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As part of Advanced FOSS, I went to RocPy with the class to talk about Python. I posted about my experience back in February, and I found that this month’s meetup lived up to the expectations from last time.

Unfortunately, I’ve had some personal issues going on lately, including an unpleasant number of projects for other classes. For this reason, I was unable to prepare a lightning talk on some of the projects that I’ve been doing (for instance restzzz).

Because of this, I was somewhat preoccupied, but I did get to listen to the infamous Ryan Brown talk about the status of hflossk, which is a project that he and a classmate have worked on and that powers the Advanced FOSS website. It was cool to see what the upcoming plans were, and we even talked (briefly) about the One YAML to Rule Them All issue that has been a point of contention recently.

There were a couple of lightning talks:

The meetup was decent, because of the talks, but I still felt like I was looking for the wrong thing there - namely, a more interactive challenge. I would rate it 4/8 Stallman Beards.