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MIVS: Medical Image Viewing System

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Last semester at school, I decided to take a course on software architecture. The class was heavily focused on two main assignments, exercises in creating a design for a program and refactoring an existing design into something that resembled sane.

The latter left me too scarred, but I felt like writing about the former. My teammate Brian had already posted about it, but I found his post in my big list of “things to talk about”.

MIVS is a Medical Image Viewing System. The overall idea was that we had to create a tool that could theoretically be used to read in and view medical images, which was complicated by many requirements like:

Overall, it was an interesting exercise in design. Though my team had a bit of a rocky start, we managed to pull through to make something that we were pretty proud of. I created a gource visualization of our development, which was kind of interesting to see.