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SECOND: Returning to FIRST

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Over winter break I try to stay busy. A little bit of intern work, a little bit of video games…and a little bit of FIRST.

Back in high school, I spent most of my winters working with my team, as first a software team member then later as the software lead. This break, I returned to my team, but in a new role as the “second-in-command Software Mentor”.

A whole lot has change since I was on the team, yet it still felt like home. Though the team was now using a less-familiar language, I still managed to be useful and give presentations about style and version control, and spent a lot of time helping students learn both Java and the RobotBuilder framework. (I actually learned a bit about the Command pattern as well, as a result.) I also had my fair share of stories from my own years on the team.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Though I was only able to be with the team for three weeks, I hope I made an impression, and can’t wait to see what they accomplished.