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ADVFOSS Hack Proposal 1

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For Hack 1 of the ADVFOSS course, we need to have two different proposals. Both of mine are relatively simple ideas based on "replacing/enhancing web technology"


The idea is that the addon would take any page sent using any of the MIME types text/x-markdown, text/markdown, text/vnd.daringfireball.markdown, or text/plain, and attempt to parse it to produce HTML that the browser user sees. (In the case of text/plain, if rendering fails just show HTML)

BaaS - Buzzer as a Service

Create a tool that allows people to queue up "emotions", such as annoyance, disgust, amusement, praise, etc. on a Raspberry Pi, and have the Pi display an image showing the overall mood of the room, with appropriate noises (buzzer noise for shock or disgust, for instance)

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