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Group Advice

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Sometimes, things just get to be too much.

Sometimes, "group projects" end up leaving you more alone than you would be with a "solo project".

Sometimes, everything happens to line up perfectly to cause problems.

There's no easy way to magically fix this - you can't wish away a project, you can only get it done or leave it untouched.

This last week was one of the least pleasant I've had in a while. I had, all due within one week:

This last one was, by far, the bane of my existence. Due to a lack of communication with my teammates, I spent significantly more time than I should have needed to doing a large portion of the project. Though I normally don't care to complain about these things publicly, by groupmates' behavior has made me angry enough that I feel the need to write down a few of the lessons I learned, for students who are in the kind of situation I had to deal with:

Most of these might be seen as rambling, this entire post is really about dumping my thoughts on group projects and how not to deal with them.

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